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For all management and show enquiries please contact:

Oscar Zuniga

Worldwide Manager

Email: buenavista.tm@gmail.com


They say that behind every great artist, there is always, “a man behind the scenes”. Buena Vista Turro Martinez’s manager, Oscar Zuniga who has been in and around the entertainment industry for over 25 years, beginning as a production manager and producer of Latin America events, and now being thrust into managing one of Cuba's undoubted top talents, since 2010.

Oscar states, “To guide the professional career of this caliber artist has great responsibility, to oversee week to week the business affairs is quite complex when there is a culture mixing Cuban dance, Havana Club Cuban rum and Cuban cigars”. The management of such an artist is not always easy and Oscar has had to make his adjustments along the way to keep things running smoothly.

Back in his production days, jeans and runners used to be the common attire, but when you are managing one of Cuba's most famous dancers who is known for his flare and impeccable style, then you have to leave the jeans behind. These days when he is touring with Buena Vista Turro Martinez Int Cuban dance Co, Oscar is more commonly seen in formal attire, “yes, I have changed my outfit for a proper formal one, trying to be to the level including shiny shoes”.

When asked what the secret is to managing a dancer of the caliber of Eric Turro Martinez is, Oscar explains it like this, “with a strong view, discipline, dedication and a lot of patience”. Eric Turro Martinez is at the top of his class when it comes to what he does, his management is equal to the task of ensuring that he remains there.

Oscar is backed by a tight-knit team of people who assist in ensuring that all things run smoothly both during events and in the running of the various business ventures of Eric Turro Martinez. Oscar relies on John, his “right hand man” who assists with Marketing as well as being involved in the decision making process. From an event organisation and professional photography perspective, Rafael is the man in charge. The responsibility of sound and lights rely on Roland. A fellow who Oscar warmly refers to as “Fafe” is the stage assistant for all shows and events that Eric Turro Martinez and the team are involved in.

As we can see, managing someone of the artistic calibre and experience of Eric Turro Martinez is a concerted effort of a team of very committed people led by Oscar Zuniga. The teams works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Eric & Chantal can safely and assuredly do what they do best, promote their culture and roots through dance

Oscar Zuniga with the Honorable Cuban ambassador in Australia Mr Pedro Monzon and legendary Cuban dance master Eric Turro Martinez.

At the 55th anniversary of the Cuban revolution in Canberra. January 28, 2014.