International Cuban Dance & Entertainment Company

Buena Vista Turro Martinez and Havana Club

History and Rum-making tradition

Havana Club has kept alive the art of ageing and blending premium rums, 

thus ensuring the heritage and excellence of the Cuban rum-making tradition.

The history of rum in Cuba is linked with the history of the Cuban culture where
the music and dance are part of every day in the life of this beautiful island in the


Alongside Havana Club there is a man who has been working to promote Cuban 

heritage and culture all around the world. Eric Turro Martinez is part Cuba's heritage

and a living legend of the Cuban traditional dance. He is a strong exponent of the Cuban 
culture and has been an international performer since 2000 with the Buena Vista Social Club.

It’s unusual to see two brands working together with one goal, in this case the 

goal of these two Cuban national brands are the same: promote the Cuban culture

around the globe.

There has never been another ambassador of the Cuban traditional dance with the 

international profile of Eric Turro Martinez, his determination to his work and love for his country are the main reason why the biggest Cuban rum maker: Havana Club has chosen him to be part of their events in three different continents in the last 10 years.

Friends from the Bar at Buena Vista and other performances and activities;