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Chronology of a Cuban traditional dance Master

Eric Turro Martinez is one of the greatest dancers that Cuba has ever produced.  A master in his own right with a style all of his own.

Eric through his dance transports you to a world vastly different than our own, where flare was a must, where the ladies had to be won through finely tuned moves that would keep them by your side. 

The cigars were fine and the Havana of the 50’s emerges from its long lived past....

Born in Cuba, Eric is one of Cuba's undisputed top talents. His unique style of dance the traditional “Son Cubano” makes him one of Cuba’s most admired and respected around the world.

Eric history is rooted in Cuba's history, to his culture and to the masters who have influenced his art and given him the legacy of the Cuba's richest culture of the dance and music.


Eric is the man who has brought the real traditional Cuban dance to the world stage through the Buena Vista Social Club and the Bar at Buena Vista.

Performing with the Buena Vista Social Club from 2000 – 2005 at the National Hotel  and Riviera Hotel in Cuba had given Eric the opportunity to show his art. 

Touring since 2004 around the globe with the Bar at Buena Vista has put him on top of the world as one of the greatest Cuban exponents of our era.

Eric’s role at the Bar at Buena Vista has been pivotal to the success of the show.  It is undoubted that the charisma and dancing is an essential ingredient of Cuban music. His choreography is definitely geared towards highlighting the feats of balance and dexterity of the male dancers. Eric until today, remains the choreograph                                                                                                               er and lead dancer of the show after all these years.


Havana Rumba is another large Cuban production where the King of the Cuban Son has been one of the main attractions of the shows.

Touring with Havana Rumba since 2007 has given to Eric Turro another channel to promote his loved culture to the world.

The love to his country and his people keep this living legend of the Cuban traditional dance touring the globe standing as a true Cultural ambassador in front of thousands of people who love and respect the Cuban culture.

During the last 2012 tour, the London media went frantic with the presence of the show and one of the greatest high lights of the show is the performance of the Cuban master among of a younger dancers where the traditional dance and the new styles are a rich mix in a culture where the music and dance are part of their religion.

The London review of the King of the Cuban dance "Eric Turro Martinez"


Posted on 12 of June 2012 written by: Sam Marlowe

Eric Turro Martinez lead dancer during the 1990’s of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club.

Turro arrives in a scarlet suit, his glittering partner circling him as he slides closer to the ground with eloquently choreographed desire.

The intricate footwork and sinuous muscularity are steeped in sweaty, yet playful eroticism. There follow scenes of flirtation a spitting catfight dances peacockish display, elegant 1950s-inspired routines of romance.

A Younger theatre

Theatre through the eyes of the younger generation

Review: Havana Rumba! Cuban Salsa Party

Posted on 11 June 2012 Written by Rachel Whitehouse

Dancing alongside the core cast is Eric Turro, who performed with the Buena Vista Social Club and is apparently named “the Hurricane of the Caribbean”.

He performed a small number of duets with one of the female dancers.

Most memorable was his number with all three female dancers, which showed great strength, flexibility and balance that demonstrated why he is known as one of Cuban’s greatest dancers.

In spite of this, the other cast members lived up to his standard and kept up the liveliness throughout in the face of some truly exhausting choreography.


Havana Rumba – Udderbelly Festival, London

Highlights of the performance included the cheeky tricks and acrobatics of one of Cuba’s top dancers, veteran Eric Turro Martinez, aka El Maestro and his incredible salsa moves with three female dancers.
The Public Reviews Rating: ****===

The StageWhat's OnHavana Rumba

Published Monday 11 June 2012 at 10:48 by Sarah Wilkinson

Cuban dance legend Eric Turro Martinez ‘El Maestro’, in particular, has a style entirely of his own.

He saunters on to the stage with a Gene Kelly swagger and a quiet prowling gaze, announcing his presence in a series of jaunty shoulder shrugs and purse-lipped smiles.

Partner in hand, he allows himself to be pivoted in the most bizarre slow-motion turns - his body at times horizontal and perilously close to the floor

ERIC TURRO MARTINEZ - 33 year dance background

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Performer,  Dance Instructor

Lead dancer of “Buena Vista Social club” and “Bar at Buena Vista” shows.

Lead dancer of "Havana Rumba" show.

Director / Lead dancer of "Havana de Noche" show.

Co-Founder of Buena Vista Turro Martinez Int. Cuban dance & Ent Co.
Vice president of Fundacion Internacional Casino para Todos.

(International Cuban body to protect Cuban traditional dance Casino)

Vice president of the first Yoruba Association in Australia.

Eric’s successful career is the result of a lot of hard work from an early age on a stage, where his roots with the Cuban traditional dance began;

· 1978  Festival mundial de la Juventud y estudiantes - Havana.


Eric’s history is rooted in Cuba’s history, to its culture and to the masters who have influenced his art and given him the legacy to create a style of his own.

Some of those important names in Eric Turro Martinez career are;

  • Oriol Bustamante;     Artistic Director and choreographer of the group Comballet.
  • Nicolas More;            Director of Folk group OBBA ULU.
  • Jesus el Congo;        Choreographer of folk group OBBA ILU.
  • Domingo Pau;           First dancer and choreographer of the group Nacional
  • Juan Garcia;              Ex Director of the group Nacional.
  • Luis Chacon ”Aspirina”;  Founder of the group Nacional and First dancer and choreographer.
  • Silvio Navarro;           Maestro de Soneros.

Eric has worked and developed his career in Cuba with the following Culural institutions;

1985 – 2003: Direccion municipal de la cultura, Guanabacoa-

  • Artistic director
  • Dancer
  • Assistant
  • MC

             1987 – 2007: Weekly cultural event of Guanabacoa

  • Artistic director
  • Dancer
  • MC

                    1989 – 2003: Wamelliere International traditional festival

  • Dancer
  • MC
  • Artistic director of the market El Diablito
  • Artistic director for the “Esquina de la Rumba"

1995 – 2003: Carnaval company of La Habana

- Director assistant

- Choreographer

- Director of the “Comparza la Mazumcamba”

1996 – 2005: Show Sabor Caribeño

  • General Artistic director
  • Dancer
  • MC

                       1997 – 2003: Centro provincial de la musica Adolfo Guzman

- MC of Spectacle musical

- Patios de la Salsa

                                            1997 – 2005: Provincial centre of the traditional Cuban music: Ignacio Piñeiro

1997 – 2001: Nights in the Habana MC:

Café cantante mi Habana teatro national of Cuba

La Cecilia, La Ferminia patio de la Salsa

El Chevere, La descarpa del Morro

Jardines la tropical, Patio de la salsa

                  2000 – 2003: Artistic director of the anfiteatro de Guanabacoa

2000 – 2005:  Cafe Taberna Benny More

2000 – 2005: National Hotel / Riviera Hotel at La Habana

- Dancers “Los Turros” from Buena Vista Social Club

2004 – Current : Event Company Antonio Maria Romeu

- Lead Dancer & Choreographer for the Bar at Buena Vista show.

2007 - Present:  Havana Rumba

Lead Dancer 


2008 - Heminway Havana

Lead dancer


The King of the Cuban dance, Eric Turro Martinez and part of his history in Cuba.

A collection of unique images in a past present promoting the Cuban culture.... if 33 years are nothing.

A present from Eric Turro Martinez to those who still doubt his life, his roots, skills, and the place he has earned in Cuban history.

El Necio
Luis Eduardo Aute / Silvio Rodríguez (Mano a Mano)