International Cuban Dance & Entertainment Company


Mission Statement

"Our purpose is to promote Cuban culture around the world,  our goal is for Buena Vista Turro Martinez Int. Cuban Dance & Entertainment Company to show, promote and teach the true Cuban culture." 

Eric Turro Martinez


- International performer
- Artistic Director
- Choreographer of  largest production in Cuban history
- Conductor
- Master of the Cuban traditional dance


Eric Turro Martinez the King of Cuban traditional dance, he is one of the greatest traditional dancers that Cuba has ever produced.

Co-founder of Buena Vista TM company, Vice president for the Fundacion International Casino Para Todos making him one of the genre's highest authorities.

He is the man who brought Cuban traditional dance to the world stage, through the Buena Vista Social Club (2000-2005) at the Hotel National and Riviera Hotel in Havana, as well as touring internationally since 2004 with The Bar at Buena Vista and Havana Rumba shows.

Eric has refined his style of Son Cubano by tapping into his strong link to the Buena Vista Social Club's old generation.  His unique style makes him one of Cuba's most admired and respected around the world.